Information about our Bot and its IPs

This page contains up-to-date information about our monitoring bot, including the user agent it uses and the IP addresses associated with it.

Primary checks for system downtime are conducted from the main servers in Europe. However, in the event that a downtime is detected, secondary requests are sent from remote nodes located in various countries and continents to verify the issue. To reduce false positives, UptimeRadar employs a distributed monitoring system.

User Agent

Our bot uses the following user agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; UptimeRadar/1.0; +

We have no plans to change it. Only the version number can be changed in the future to a higher one.

Locations and IPs

The primary monitoring location is in Europe, with additional remote nodes in various countries and continents to verify the status of downtime. This is the list of our IP addresses and locations: + 2a04:52c0:114:aa25::1 (EU Central) (Dronten, Netherlands) + 2a0d:f302:127:eb33::1 (EU Central) (Vienna, Austria) (EU East) (Sofia, Bulgaria) (US East) (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States)

We also maintain a dynamic list in JSON format of all IP addresses from which we make requests.


If you are satisfied with the monitoring service, no action is required. However, if you encounter any false positives, it is likely that the IPs used by UptimeRadar are blocked by your hosting provider. To ensure that requests from UptimeRadar are not blocked, please make sure to whitelist the IPs listed above.