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UptimeRadar is a powerful and user-friendly uptime monitoring tool. With UptimeRadar, you can monitor up to 10 URLs for free, and if you install our widget, the limit is raised to 50 monitors. This means you can keep a close eye on your website's health, its availability, security and speed. Sign up now and start monitoring your website's uptime with ease!

Why UptimeRadar?

Your website may have experienced downtime last month, and other services such as email and FTP accounts can also perform poorly or even cease functioning altogether. The question is: were you aware of it? Do you know when it occurred, how long it lasted, and what caused the problem? This is where UptimeRadar can help.

We monitor all aspects of your website and infrastructure, instantly alerting you when anything goes wrong. Furthermore, UptimeRadar gathers valuable statistics for you, including the load speed of every monitored page. We also monitor the speed of DNS lookup, TCP handshake, SSL handshake, TTFB, and Data transfer.

Get notified only when necessary

Our uptime monitoring service works with great precision, ensuring that all the reported numbers are accurate and reliable. Moreover, each outage is verified by a second server before being confirmed. This approach eliminates the possibility of false positives on your monitors. It means less stress and wasted time for you.

Easy-to-use control panel

Our easy-to-use, online control panel has been developed in-house to provide a tailor-made fit for our services. With no installation required, you can set up monitoring for your sites in just a few simple steps, without requiring any technical knowledge. Additionally, for advanced users, we offer a free uptime widget for websites, which can be obtained by accessing the code in your control panel.


To provide you with the most powerful and reliable monitoring possible, we have deployed our monitoring servers across the globe, with a presence on every continent. This enables us to ensure that your infrastructure is accessible and responsive from all corners of the world. We employ only the finest hardware and providers to guarantee premium reliability.

Not only uptime monitoring

We began as an uptime monitoring tool, but our vision goes beyond that. Currently, we monitor SSL certificates to ensure their security and validity. In the future, we plan to expand our services to include domain monitoring, which will alert users of upcoming expirations and name server changes.

Our future plans involve further development in the area of security. We intend to report any discovered vulnerabilities on the sites we monitor, and provide warnings if problematic HTTP headers are found or security headers are missing. Additionally, we will monitor whether a site's domain or IP address has been blacklisted.

These are just some of the features we have planned, but we will not stop there. Our ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive tool that monitors all aspects of a website's availability, and alerts users when problems arise or are anticipated.

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